Human Capital Management

Our human resources (HR) application, developed using the Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP Platform, offers an extensive solution to oversee every facet of HR. Tailored to simplify and automate HR management processes, our application equips you with the essential tools for efficient workforce management. The application encompasses the following modules:


Human Capital Management Benefits

Reduce the Cost of Running Payroll

The software provides a comprehensive suite of supply chain management features, spanning from demand planning to inventory oversight and supply chain analytics. It empowers organizations to fine-tune their supply chain operations, curtail expenses, and enhance customer service.

Improve HR Service Delivery

NetSuite ERP offers functionality for overseeing manufacturing processes, encompassing work orders, bill of materials, and production scheduling. It aids companies in optimizing their manufacturing operations, enhancing efficiency, and upholding quality standards.

Increase Workforce Performance

NetSuite Project Management stands as a holistic cloud-based solution that empowers organizations to adeptly strategize, oversee, and execute projects. It offers a suite of tools for the simplification of project workflows, task and milestone tracking, resource allocation, and real-time project performance monitoring.


Human Capital Management

Employee Management

Our employee management module simplifies the task for HR staff to handle employee information, covering personal details, employment history, and job information effortlessly. Additionally, this module incorporates features for monitoring employee attendance, managing leave, and handling time-off requests.


Our recruitment module simplifies the hiring process by enabling HR staff to post job openings, monitor applications, and schedule interviews. This module facilitates the seamless discovery of the most suitable talent for your organization.

Performance Management

Our performance management module empowers HR staff to oversee performance evaluations, establish goals and objectives, and monitor employee progress. This module assists in assessing employee performance and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Training and Development

Our training and development module enables HR staff to oversee employee training and development programs, monitor progress, and record completion certificates. This module ensures that your employees acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for success in their roles.

Benefits Administration

Our benefits administration module empowers HR staff to oversee employee benefits, covering health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks. This module aids in attracting and retaining top talent by providing a comprehensive benefits package.

Payroll and Compensation

Our payroll and compensation module enables HR staff to handle employee compensation, encompassing salary, bonuses, and various forms of remuneration. Additionally, it incorporates features for calculating taxes and other deductions. This module guarantees precise and timely payment for your employees.

Compliance and Reporting

Our compliance and reporting module empowers HR staff to monitor adherence to legal and regulatory requirements while generating reports for management and other stakeholders. This module ensures that you stay compliant with regulations and make well-informed decisions based on accurate data.

Self-service portal

This module enables employees to retrieve their personal information, request time off, and review their pay stubs, tax forms, and other HR-related tasks. It empowers employees to independently handle their HR-related activities, offering greater flexibility and convenience.


HR Analytics provides HR dashboards and authorized users with the ability to assess employee performance. This robust and visually engaging analytics tool breaks down departmental and data barriers, facilitating quicker and more confident decision-making and planning related to employees.